Reader Submission – Operation: Get Rid of Pinky

This is the second movie in a row I’ve reviewed that involved the use of a bloody tampon as a weapon.


Dave Carew (Darnell Coney) returns home after serving in the military. He quickly discovers that his home is not the same, having been infested with a new drug menace in the form of a mysterious pink powder, distributed by Pinky (J.M. Smith), the head of a sheet-wearing all-girl gang that have been terrorizing the neighborhood. He manages to get his old job back, which involved peddling a Viagra -esque substance known as “Erect” to the community. Meanwhile, two cops are hot on the trail of Pinky, so she decides to change tactics. Meeting through mutual friend Allen (Terron Jones), Pinky offers to help Dave by seizing control of Erect from his shady employer and giving him a higher position. Now using the unwitting Dave to sell the highly addictive pink powder in pill form, Pinky rakes in the cash, threatening to sexually (and scatalogically) abuse Dave if he misbehaves. After the murder of his cat-loving granny (Pat Augustus Gilbert) and spiritual mentor Lew the Jew (Luis M. Torres III), along with the castration of Allen, Dave decides to stand up once and for all and…well, read the title.

To complain about the film’s acting and obvious lack of budget would be unfair; anyone seeing the trailer is already well-aware of what they’re in for. The best I can say is that its a slightly more accessible Troma piece, in that it goes way over the top in terms of gross-out effects in an attempt to shock the audience, including crude racial and toilet humor, not to mention gore. I have nothing against any of these when done correctly, but here they fall flat. I get the feeling that a lot of it was funnier on paper, or when it was being filmed, and would remain funnier to those involved than it actually comes across to the audience going in blind, to whom it comes across as obnoxious and confusing. That said, the fact that Troma exists and continues to make money means there may be an audience for it yet.

Things I learned from this movie:

  • Kittens are magical and can vanish at will
  • A game console can be upgraded by writing a new name on it with black marker
  • Its perfectly all right to strut around bottomless, so long as your genitals are tucked safely between your thighs
  • Hassidic Judaism is actually a get rich quick scheme
  • Rubber sex dolls prefer to remain kosher

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