The ABC’s Of Death (2012)

A collection of 26 short films by directors across fifteen different countries, each dealing with death and centered around a letter of the alphabet. Because they vary so wildly between directors, I’ll judge each film on its own merits:

A: Okay, but not really all that memorable.
B: Typical horror movie fare, with a very predictable ending. Also, Bigfoot and the Abominable Snowman are not the same thing.
C: Interesting, but still has a very familiar theme to it.
D: A well done short, and the first bit of brilliance to pop up, both in terms of story and production values.
E: An unmemorable take on a common urban legend.
F: Incredibly stupid and perverse.
G: Relies on a gimmicky use of POV that’s done more effectively in U.
H: An attempt to portray a live-action cartoon. Good production values.
I: Fairy disturbing, but without enough context to get the audience involved.
J: Completely bizarre and demented.
K: Dumb scatological animated short.
L: Gratuitous but effective (think Takashi Miike directing a pornographic version of Saw).
M: Very short and very pointless, little more than a visual gag.
N: Cute, amusing short.
O: An experimental short, using only imagery to express feeling. Well done.
P: One of the best, which manages to get across a moving and relatable story without dialogue. The ending will make you cringe.
Q: Lame attempt to use postmodernism as a cover for a lack of original story, though there is at least a coherent and somewhat entertaining plot. Also tits and blow.
R: Gods help me, this film thinks it’s trying to say something meaningful about the hardships of being a director, but all its really doing is giving me a Pavlovian aversion to bacon.
S: A decent grindhouse-era throwback.
T: The third film revolving around the porcelain idol, presumably claymated by a kindergarden class.
U: Effective use of POV.
V: Good story with an interesting plot and decent production value.
W: Just throwing random shit around to freak out the audience does not a decent short make. Also see the postmodern complaint from Q.
X: Extremely gory, but makes a valid point about our image-obsessed society. Also has a very effective soundtrack.
Y: Whatever tension might have been built up is ruined by the bizarre 80’s soundtrack
Z: What…the…fuck?

Here you get the good with the bad. Not a complete waste of time, though sadly the bad tend to outnumber the good. By all means watch, but have your fast forward ready.