Kissed (1996)

Obcessed with death since childhood, Sandra Larson (Molly Parker) takes a job at a local morgue, where she learns the art of embalming. She also learns the secret of “crossing over” by molesting/raping the young male corpses that pass her way. Later on, she hooks up with Matt (Peter Outerbridge), a guy with a pulse whose deck isn’t much more full than hers. Rather than being jealous of Sandra’s lucky stiffs, Matt becomes obcessed, wanting to know every detail of the act and even taking notes. This puts a major strain on the already twisted relationship, in turn leading to an equally twisted conclusion.

What surprised me about this film is how simple the plot was, and how it managed to be stretched out into a feature length film without feeling padded or slowed. Yes, the characters are disturbed, and what Sandra’s doing raises all kind of ethical questions (were she male, and the corpses female, the character would be villified) but she isn’t really hurting anyone, and the matter-of-fact way the issue is handled has her coming off more quirky than deranged. The central conflict doesen’t show up until the latter half, with most of the rest dedicated to slightly quirky characters with odd behaviors, in a “Lucid Pixie Necrophiliac” sort of way. Altogether, the film seems to lack a central point or message (other than “necrophilia is way cool and a ticket to self-actualization”) but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Not really a horror movie, but  not recommended for people who get easily disturbed by blood, guts or the idea of having your body desecrated after death. Otherwise, worth a look for the morbidly curious.

What I learned by watching Kissed:

  • John Edwards (the psychic, not the politician) would have more success if he kept a corpse in his bedroom
  • Pulses, heartbeats and erections are highly overrated
  • Your boyfriend keeping tabs on your every move is a minor annoyance at best
  • Dancing is a form of necrotic foreplay
  • Chipmunk funerals are a type of witchcraft